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The image bar is back! But more hidden!

May 25th, 2008 at 11:16 PM by

Flickr in WordPress I’m not talking about the image bar on the front page. That one is obviously not at all hidden. I’m talking about when you are composing a new post, and suddenly you want to add an image to it. We totally used to have this, and it was awesome.

Well, now it’s back. Subtly. <– holy shit that is a weird looking word.

The picture shows a little hand where it is. Click on that and you can add photos to your posts from our flickr account again. Dad already figured this out, but I’m not sure if everyone else did. Yay!

5 responses to “The image bar is back! But more hidden!”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Farts lack subtlety, subtly. Lol.

  2. Hugh Says:

    As usual, I’m WAY ahead of you guys!

  3. Dieter Says:

    Yeah, old news.

  4. Tyler Says:

    Pfft, this what I get for trying to be friendly to users…

    If you don’t start being nice, I swear to god I will turn this website right around and we’ll go back home and just have to write handwritten letters to each other *shakes fist*

  5. Dieter Says:

    Argh mutiny the Admin!

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