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This is a title. It is here for a reason.

October 22nd, 2007 at 7:46 PM by

Mason vs CrabLol, Mason. I hereby declare you appellationally-challenged. Now you’ve made the posts look confusing. On the bright side, it will probably make me start fixing up this half-broken blog and start requiring titles for posts.

Hi Grandma! I see you’ve been directed to our online presence. If you’d like to post, let me know, and I’ll make you an account. I think you’ll find it easier to use than you would think, and I know we’d love to have you updating us with your east coast antics. ;)

Thanks, Brady, for saying such nice things about the site. It’s kind of amazing that everyone has kept posting for so long, even though various parts of the site have slowly withered away with neglect. Did you know that there used to be a row of photos along the top of the front page? It looked great! It’s broken now, along with some other stuff. Oh and hey if you want an account to post stuff here, you can have one too. We like people.

3 responses to “This is a title. It is here for a reason.”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    Heh Tyler this picture and who is Brady it looks like Mason has taken a mallet and is trying to eat crab legs, but I admit he looks like he’s having a bit of trouble. By the way welcome back Tyler Ha Ha Love ya MUM

  2. brady fitzgerald Says:

    you’re very welcome. this is absolutely the definitive family blog. lol, perhaps if i was an amick, dating an amick, or even remembered by mrs. amick(!!!), it would warrant me a log-in name. for the time being however, i’ll just pop in occasionally, and leave my 2 cents as i check up on my favorite clan: the amicks!

  3. Tyler Says:

    Bwahaha, thanks again. Comment anytime!

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