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September 1st, 2006 at 12:39 PM by

I just went through all the archives and recategorized a large chunk of posts.

By doing this, I downsized the Uncategorized archives from 54 posts to a mere 28. Save for those posts that were “Uncategorized,” I did not move posts out of categories they were already set in.

I also added two new categories: Means of Transit and Books/Movies. “Means of Transit” was created in response to the many posts from Mason regarding his bike, and a few posts about cars. This category is not intended for posts about traveling (as we already have a Travel category), but for posts about how we get around. I suppose if you wrote a post about your horrific experience riding in a plane, wherein you were attacked by poisonous snakes, this would probably fit in “Means of Transit.”

For “Books/Movies,” I chose to combine the two subjects because we don’t seem to talk about books or movies very much. However, it seemed like we mentioned both enough to warrant their own category. Well, actually, we only mention movies enough to warrant its own category. But leaving books out felt like blaspheme to me. Music already has its own category, so we can’t forget about the precious booksssses.

So, now for a word about categories and why the are awesome. Simply put, by setting your post into a certain category (or a number of categories), it makes it easier for to peruse the archives of this blog. There are times when the search bar found on the right side is simply not usable. Case in point: If I remember someone recommended a movie in a post four months back, but I don’t remember who recommended it or what the movie was, all I have to do is click on the “Books/Movies” category and limit the number of posts I have to read through from 200 down to 5. Easy, no?

One last thing: When using categories, don’t forget to un-check the “Uncategorized” check-box down at the very bottom of the list. That way, only entries that truly are “uncategorized” will appear in that archive.

Categories are your friend.

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