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I Shall Write Regarding Matters of DOOM

August 25th, 2006 at 6:01 PM by

To My Dear Adopted Family:

Yes, I think of you as my adopted family. I still haven’t decided if I’m the one who adopted you, or if you guys are the ones who adopted me. However, these are mere details!

I wanted to write a quick note to let you all know that: yes, I am alive. And: no, I still haven’t read the One Story story that the father of the Amick family has repeatedly asked me to read so he could discuss it with me. I know. I know. I have failed you as an adopted daughter. I shall now crawl into the closet and hang my head in shame, rather than read that story.

But, as I said seconds ago: yes, I am still alive. I am mostly writing at my real blog: Mikania. I also write a lot at a craft blog I have started but have yet to officially Christen (i.e. it’s still being developed on the back-end.): CraftFu. And—*gasp!*—I am actually writing short stories for publication in my expansive free time! These short stories might actually be published, and my slow climb to fame and penniless, writerly fortune will begin. One story is about sidewalk chalk, and may possibly be ready to send out to literary journals within the week. We shall see…

Aside from the writing of the short stories for publication, the majority of my days are spent looking for jobs that seem to hide under rocks. But not mere rocks, mind you: Deep, dank, mountainous rocks. Yes, it is a sad time for being unemployed. The unemployment rate in these parts has dropped (or skyrocketed, depending on your perspective) to unprecedented lows (or “heights”, again, depending on your perspective). Basically, the rate is at about 8% for this area—back to where it was over three years ago when the tech market originally made it’s violent death throes of doomage for the Seattle-area.

But that’s okay. I’m okay. You’re okay.

Despite being penniless, I have a super-awesome boyfriend (i.e. Your “son”—or “brother”—again, depending on your perspective) who has a super-awesome internship that allows him to buy me food and pay for my utilities and rent. One of these days, I too, will have a super-awesome means of making an income and can pay him back. In the meantime, I continue to apply to job after job after job, with the hopes of going to graduate school for the useless study of a creative writing within a year.

Amusingly enough, I have yet to learn my lesson about art and the study of English. I believe that a Master’s in Fine Arts in such a useless study might possibly allow me to teach college-level courses in composition, and perhaps even creative writing itself. Foolish, foolish me. When will I learn? When will I ever learn?

4 responses to “I Shall Write Regarding Matters of DOOM”

  1. Min Says:

    Poor, lonely blog post with no comments. :(

  2. Mason Says:

    hey post some of your short stories!

  3. Hugh Says:

    Just read the frickin’ One Story before I forget it! :)

  4. Alexandra Says:

    I just read this blog I know its a little late. Mindy you NEED to write I love reading your stuff it doesn’t matter how long or short the story, you are FUNNY and I just want to keep on reading try a short story I’m so glad you adopted us. Love ME

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