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February 9th, 2006 at 11:03 PM by

Yo yo Im back yo. Hawaii éterait bien! Sadly we lost to Hawaii, they swam well, I swam good. Anywho very very fun, Here’s some pics of the team, one pretty one of Brenton. Unfortunately, whilst all these pics were taken, I was surfing with Henry, but I was there in heart. It was super sunny too, blue skies, babes, all the fun stuff.
Also! We all went to the international market which was right next to the beach and bought a bunch of cool stuff. The best part is is that all the vendors in the area who were in their little stands all sold the same stuff basically. So that meant bartering was awesome! A bunch of people just had a ball with it, like crazy. Anyway the photos I uploaded also are paintings! And I bartered for them! It was hilarious, this lady asked for $200 for the blue long one, and $80 for the red one. So I definitely wasn’t gonna pay that much, but I really liked them. So I did some magic, saying “yah they’re gorgeous and all but I can’t pay that much” and then one of my friends would then try to pull me away to get some food, so then the lady would literally grab me and pull me back to offer me a better price. Ah it was great, so I finally made a deal with her that I would take both of them for $130. HAhahahahahha. She was actually hitting me on the shoulder by then, and repeating “oh my god” several times whilst packing the paintings. Ah fun. wow long post, and Stephanie is a bad person!

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  1. Min Says:

    Walking away to get some food is the best way to get vendors to drop prices when they’re being stubborn. We did that in Rome all the time. Unintentionally, at first, but we quickly figured it out and always had a “food buddy” when going to the market.

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