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Sunbathing Snakes

February 28th, 2010 at 3:47 PM by

The snakes were enjoying the spring rays today.

On the same note my friend Adam McRae and I came up with a name for dad’s snake the other day. We’re calling him Neville which seems to pair with “Benji” the other snake pretty well. It only took about a decade to name two pets but I think the wait was worth it don’t you?

Dad's corn snake

2 responses to “Sunbathing Snakes”

  1. Hugh Says:

    Ok, kudos for spelling “spring” correctly without the capital “S” (that’s “capital”, not “capitol”), but the generally accepted beginning of spring is March 20th, although astronomically, March 20th is the middle of spring (it’s complicated). Since the picture you took was in February, it’s probably safe to call it the “spring-like” rays. :)

  2. Dieter Says:

    lol, I’m just happy I got “spring” right.

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