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Introducing Knuckles Light. Dieter Reinvents the light.

March 15th, 2007 at 10:47 PM by

HPIM0331 HPIM0326 HPIM0330 HPIM0329 HPIM0328 invertedfinalstamplogo_600x436 The Knuckles Light is the product of many collaborations with my group members to completely rethink the flashlight. The design is based on the classic brass knuckles. Our motto is “illuminate the dark while you protect yourself.” The switch was to large for the pocket we designed for it in the part so we had to break away some of the plastic to correctly fit it in. The light fits right into your hand and the switch is located right by your thumb.
-The last picture is the design I ended up submitting for the t-shirt contest.

3 responses to “Introducing Knuckles Light. Dieter Reinvents the light.”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Very, very badass. Thanks for the pictures! And good luck with the t-shirt contest.

  2. Hank Roberts Says:

    Update this please! it’s needed.

  3. Hank Roberts Says:

    whoah, your computer clock is off by nine years, five months, and some ….

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