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Visit to Mason in Brewster

August 1st, 2007 by

HPIM0882HPIM0881HPIM0880HPIM0879HPIM0878The Mom unit and I spent a long weekend in Brewster, Washington. Mason’s swim team had their championship meet in Omak, Washington where it was over 100 degrees in the afternoon. The people Mason is staying with let us stay in their lake house. Here’s a shot of Alta Lake from the house and a shot of the house. On Sunday, we went “4 wheeling” up in the wilderness. Mason drove most of the time – scared the bejesus out of us!

Mason- great swimming career!

June 10th, 2007 by

Mason, let’s celebrate all you accomplished in your swimming career – top 16 age of 14, Washington State H.S. title as a Freshman, Zone record, NCAA “B” cut and lots of swimming friends that love you.  Countless kids who you have inspired.  Lots of hard work that most of us can’t fathom.  You have a gift with those kids. Congrats!  Can’t wait to see what you will succeed at next! 

Canada still sweet

November 5th, 2006 by

HPIM0335.JPGHey everybody, I took a check back in to that other country we’re related to, it was raining like hell the whole time, but whatever, we’re swimmers. We went to downtown vancouver for 4 hours on friday, but it was pouring rain, so we we froze all of our asses off while walking around loooking at ridiculously expensive clothing stores. But we swam great! I got a few pictures here of our team sittin around, and the canadian’s big ass pool.HPIM0337.JPGAnyway, the meet was really cool because we swam in a short course meters pool rather than a yards pool and nobody knew what good times were, so no one really gave a shit about the times. So in other words, it was a really relaxed meet that was just meant to race our opponents rather than worry about times. Oh here’s my bedroom…HPIM0339.JPG which is where I shared a bedroom with Yonitin and Henry. And here is us sittin aroundHPIM0338.JPG between races. Unfortunately, the canadians are freaking fast as hell, so we didn’t win against UBC and Calgary. But it was still a really fun trip, and Vancouver is really cool still.


May 8th, 2006 by

Hey everybody, I don’t know about you but I haven’t had Lucky Charms in a loooong time, so im enjoying them RIGHT NOW! Yes they are good. Anywho I got a job! thanks to Stephanie, I am a swim instructor at Safe n Sound Swimming. So that is pretty cool. Coming home this weekend too, so double cool.


April 13th, 2006 by

Bounjour man famille! I finished Angels & Demons (a book, the previous installment prior to the Da Vinci Code) by Dan Brown and am currently on the Da Vinci Code now, so far it is very nice.
So with the remaining $$$ that I got for my barrier-shattering swim I am looking at some really neat paintings on ebay that are very nice and would look extra nice on my barren walls. I don’t know if I can put these photos on the website, so sadly I will just have to put links up. boob.

Voila! here are the links to coool painting 1 and cool painting 2

Mason Just Misses NCAA Championships

March 14th, 2006 by

Turns out the last 100 Fly time taken was 48.59, just .04 seconds faster than our friend Mason at 48.63. Good luck at Nationals this year and next year at the NCAA Championships. Hey, how come Brett wasn’t invited? As far as I can tell it’s only Bruno for UW.


March 6th, 2006 by

Yup up up up, I swam well at the meet! And now I get to upgrade my vehicle! As you can see, it looks freakin awesome. The brakes and shifters and headset are coming, I had to special order a few of these items, but so far everything looks shiny and expensive! Oh and Dieter how is the Air Cannon! take a pic of it yo. Maybe an action shot with one of the dogs.

Mason makes his NCAA “B” cut!

March 4th, 2006 by

Mason went 48.63 in his 100 Fly in prelims, just under the NCAA “B” cut of 48.66.  This means he’s in the “consideration” group to be invited to the NCAA championship meet.  He finished 13th overall in the finals with a 48.94.  His 48.66 puts him 5th on UW’s all-time 100 Fly list.  He swims the 200 Fly today.  I’ll update as the day goes on.

Mason swims well at Pac 10′s

March 1st, 2006 by

Mason swam a time trial tonite in the 100 Fly.  Personal best of 48.79.  More than a second better than his previous best time!  His first National cut and I owe Mason $2000!  Way to go Mason!  A few more hundreds of a second and you’ll have an NCAA cut. Maybe faster in the 100 Fly when it’s competed Friday?

Good Luck Mason!

February 26th, 2006 by

Swim well dude! I can see you breaking 49 min. Can you?