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I finally got the bike I really wanted

January 30th, 2011 by

Lovely Bike, side shotSo I finally got a bike that does exactly what I want it to. I kinda put off ordering it, because picking the right frame is really hard. Furthermore, since I’m getting it with components installed, choosing all the little pieces can basically go on forever if you let it. Everything in the picture came installed on the bike, except the pump and the pedals. I got my shit together and ordered the bike in mid-November and the bike arrived just shy of a month later.

Lovely Bike, front shotThings I wanted to change from my old bike: cantilever brakes, stronger rack with longer support structure (so loaded panniers don’t swing back and hit the tire), more clearance between wheel and frame (for fenders and bigger wheels), stronger and long-lasting all-steel frame, bar-end shifters, Brooks seat, and wheels that support cassettes rather than failure-prone freewheels.

I’ve almost got the seat and handlebars adjusted to where I want them, but it takes a while to find that perfect position. Every time I ride, I readjust things a bit. I’m also starting to wonder if I like bar-end shifters more than downtube shifters or not (unfortunately, I didn’t realize my new bike doesn’t have downtube shifter bosses — argh!). Still, everything I didn’t like about my old bike is gone now, and I’ve yet to hate anything about the new bike. Even the Brooks seat, which is supposedly really hard until you break it in, feels just fine to me.

Lovely Bike, side shotA couple months ago we had some thieves come through the apartment complex and steal a bunch of bikes from the community bike racks. The bikes are hung by bike mounts and a cable hangs down from them with which you can use a lock to tether the bike. Unfortunately, the cable is very thin, so it was trivial for the thieves to snip ‘em and toss the bikes in a truck. Fortunately, my old bike looks like shit (awesome shit), so it was passed over while several other bikes next to it were disappeared. But knowing that my new bike is not likely to get passed over, I decided to invest in some precautionary measures. I got the thickest U-Lock available and a very thick chain to tie around the wooden boards supporting the community bike rack. At least now the bike rack is the weak point and not a crappy cable.

Lovely Bike, close-upI’m happy with the bike so far. While I was getting groceries today, I even had a hot hipster chick tell me I had a “beautiful bike” and compliment the double-toptube. Yay, bikes!

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September 10th, 2010 by

Dieter’s Picture a Day Project

Dog on a Chair

March 6th, 2010 by

Reupholstered Chair With Tyler’s help during President’s Day Weekend (he had a three-day weekend back then), I reupholstered our dining chairs that he had picked up for $10 years ago. They originally had dirty and cracked white vinyl on the seats, plus they were really hard and uncomfortable. Now they have high-density foam seats covered with beautiful white leather, and our butts sigh with delight each time we sit on them (or maybe it’s just the leather sinking into the foam that sighs). One of the chair seats isn’t quite as taut as the other (surprisingly, the second one we did), but they’re still infinitely better than before. Now I just need to strip and re-stain them during a summer dry spell and we’ll be dining in style.

Osa also approves of the new seats:
Osa on a chair

a bike born again

January 7th, 2010 by

It only took 2 years to make it happen but the bike is finally finished. The process started long ago by taking the whole bike apart and stripping the paint off the frame. And after a failed attempt to paint the frame myself using good old fashioned spray paint I decided to go to the professionals to get it powder coated(the fork silver and frame a creamy white). I then put on the finishing touches such as silver brake lines, and silver colored fenders and rack. With the last and most important ingredient being two beautiful white and gray Ortlieb back roller classics courtesy of mother and father. (Thanks guys!)





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