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It’s Cold!

December 11th, 2009 by

HPIM3142HPIM3144Neal Creek is almost frozen over and Hood River is like 99% frozen over. My grapefruit trees are in the garage loving the space heater. When it’s the coldest, it’s probably like 35 degrees aroud the trees.

Coulter Pine (update #2)

August 6th, 2009 by

HPIM1345Was at the Hood River Saturday market awhile ago and a lady was selling (among other things) some gigantic pine cones.   Turns out they are from a Coulter pine (native to a few small areas in So. California).   Her grandfather or great-grandfather brought some seeds back fromHPIM1335  a trip and planted some in Hood River.   One of the trees survived to maturity.   Anyway, I bought one of the pine cones for $1   (great centerpiece) and found a few remaining seeds in the pine cone.   You guessed it – I planted some and one has come up.  Here’s a picture of the pine cone and the sprout.   The cone is 8″ long, but they get bigger.  HPIM1376  Loggers called them widowmakers ’cause if one fell from a tree and hit you on the head – you’re a goner!