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Tune Out Turn Off Drop In: Belkin Conserve

August 31st, 2009 by

I have a big pile of media equipment under my TV, so when Dieter suggested that someone try out the Belkin Conserve, I got all excited and started running around the house plugging random things into holes. Turtle-y Media CenterThe Conserve is designed to force electronic devices – which usually continue to slurp and gargle power even when they’re off – to truly dislodge and leave the power in the wall where it belongs. We have one 26” Samsung flat-screen TV, as well as an Apple TV, an electric sheep, and five video game consoles (Wii, PS2, N64, Super NES and NES), which means we have ample equipment with which to test out the Conserve. (more…)

A contest! Ten words!

April 6th, 2008 by

Penny Arcade, a vulgar and hilarious video-gaming comic, has posted a challenge. It’s simple: write a ten word story about World of Warcraft. I think we should have our own mini contest and post our best ones here.

You don’t have to know anything about WoW (I don’t), it just has to be fantasy-related. Here are the suggestions they gave:

His father’s sword, shattered to the hilt, fell like stars.

It doesn’t have to be especially epic, it merely needs to ring true. For example:

“Help,” he cried. “My dick is stuck in this Treant!”

See what I mean? It paints a picture. You know everything you need to know about the dick and the Treant. You’ve got until Thursday, the 10th of April. We’ll announce the winners next Friday.

See? Piece of cake! I’ll make a secret post Wednesday night so we can each put in our final entry (don’t forget to send an email to the one they give in the post, so that you can officially enter the contest).

October 20th, 2007 by

mmmmm… os X.5 looks shiny . . .


October 10th, 2007 by

Hey I’ve been chillin around on the internet lately and I came upon a rad twist to the classic artillery and dome wars, it’s Turret wars! And I’ve really gotten addicted to it really quickly and has stayed a permanent application on my desktop for a couple weeks. The demo is here: I like it a lot.

October 5th, 2007 by

I would like everyone to go here “” now.

And click on the movie.

chillin dog, peace

October 3rd, 2007 by

Hey family! I’ve found a cool series on youtube, called
We Need Girlfriends ( ), I think it’s hilarious and they’ve got like 12 videos of it too, I would recommend checking that out. Also one of their songs they feature on one of their video’s is great too, it’s by Plush Gun, called Just Impolite (

Because I’m Special

April 2nd, 2007 by

And also because I have a lot of free time at work again, I was reading this fascinating article about Google twins (people with the same name found via Google searches) in the Seattle Times. In the article, there is a link to a website that calculates how many people share your name in the U.S.: Of course, I couldn’t resist (I dare you to resist).

The results…drum roll
Logo There is
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

But rather than feeling very proud, I feel a bit sheepish. This means that every time someone wants to Google-stalk me, all the results will be me and only me. And that’s a little weird, especially when I see some of the links out there. Like, some supposed teacher used my poem (a quick little exercise poem, no less) for their class in February? Or that strange new age place that jacked one of my articles, making it look like I wrote for them. And then there’s that Pirates of Dark Water petition to release my beloved cartoon to DVD…um, ha ha ha!

I guess I’m mostly wary because I’ve already had one problem after being Google-stalked before a job interview last year. The interviewer found my biography on my portfolio website and completely and utterly misconstrued an innocent sentence about how I was much happier when I switched from being an art history major to an English major; she somehow thought that I loathed the University of Washington. I can only imagine what that woman thought about my Pirates of Dark Water for DVD release petition: “This person advocates software piracy!”

But on the flip side, at least I’m not an emerging writer who shares the same name as someone who writes sleazy romance novels. Sadly, such is the fate of my fellow contractor:

Macworld Issue #1

March 27th, 2007 by

HPIM0285Rick got this from a co-worker. Interesting reading. I need to learn how to take pictures from Mindy.

Introducing Knuckles Light. Dieter Reinvents the light.

March 15th, 2007 by

HPIM0331 HPIM0326 HPIM0330 HPIM0329 HPIM0328 invertedfinalstamplogo_600x436 The Knuckles Light is the product of many collaborations with my group members to completely rethink the flashlight. The design is based on the classic brass knuckles. Our motto is “illuminate the dark while you protect yourself.” The switch was to large for the pocket we designed for it in the part so we had to break away some of the plastic to correctly fit it in. The light fits right into your hand and the switch is located right by your thumb.
-The last picture is the design I ended up submitting for the t-shirt contest.


March 13th, 2007 by

no if and’s or buts, this is the final design, though the shirt color is negotiable.
Also a pic of my group’s brass knuckle flashlight working! finalstamplogo_700x583
tshirttemplatefront_400x392 Front tshirttemplateback_400x392 shirtback_600x600 Back IMG00096