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The image bar is back! But more hidden!

May 25th, 2008 by

Flickr in WordPress I’m not talking about the image bar on the front page. That one is obviously not at all hidden. I’m talking about when you are composing a new post, and suddenly you want to add an image to it. We totally used to have this, and it was awesome.

Well, now it’s back. Subtly. <– holy shit that is a weird looking word.

The picture shows a little hand where it is. Click on that and you can add photos to your posts from our flickr account again. Dad already figured this out, but I’m not sure if everyone else did. Yay!


April 28th, 2008 by

BikeHere’s an image I’m attempting to add to the website. I’ll be kind of amazed if I managed to get it working already. Hats off to the guy that updated his plugin.

Ten word contest! Finale!

April 9th, 2008 by

Okey dokey, I, uh, managed to break the private post functionality when I upgraded WordPress. So we’re going to have a public contest!

Everyone post your best submission in the comments here (and send it to the contest email address indicated in the original post)!

On friday, I’ll make a new post where we can judge them (nicely)!

Not a Truck Picture

March 30th, 2008 by

Hi, I’ve updated WordPress to the latest version (2.5), which is kind of the first step to getting this website fixed up. Even better, I’ve changed the way the site is installed, so that the next time I need to upgrade it, I just type one command!

You’ll notice some changes on the back-end, but it’s still pretty similar to before. Let me know if you have any questions about it. I know all the picture stuff is super broke, they are the next thing I’m going to try to fix.

I’m just glad I didn’t actually delete everybody’s posts. :D


December 17th, 2007 by

I dunno where all these retarded comment spams came from, but over the weekend I deleted like 800 of them or so. It turns out wordpress has problems displaying obscene amounts of spam so I had to do some weird stuff just to make them deletable (there seems to be no way to make that into a real word). Somewhere along the line I managed to delete two real comments. If you see your comment missing, please make it again, or our collection will never be complete! :(

Anyway, as Mason pointed out, a bunch more shoved their way in, and I just got rid of them. I’ll have to find some sneaky way to keep dumb comments out. Maybe I’ll make a secret question!

This is a title. It is here for a reason.

October 22nd, 2007 by

Mason vs CrabLol, Mason. I hereby declare you appellationally-challenged. Now you’ve made the posts look confusing. On the bright side, it will probably make me start fixing up this half-broken blog and start requiring titles for posts.

Hi Grandma! I see you’ve been directed to our online presence. If you’d like to post, let me know, and I’ll make you an account. I think you’ll find it easier to use than you would think, and I know we’d love to have you updating us with your east coast antics. ;)

Thanks, Brady, for saying such nice things about the site. It’s kind of amazing that everyone has kept posting for so long, even though various parts of the site have slowly withered away with neglect. Did you know that there used to be a row of photos along the top of the front page? It looked great! It’s broken now, along with some other stuff. Oh and hey if you want an account to post stuff here, you can have one too. We like people.


September 1st, 2006 by

I just went through all the archives and recategorized a large chunk of posts.

By doing this, I downsized the Uncategorized archives from 54 posts to a mere 28. Save for those posts that were “Uncategorized,” I did not move posts out of categories they were already set in.

I also added two new categories: Means of Transit and Books/Movies. “Means of Transit” was created in response to the many posts from Mason regarding his bike, and a few posts about cars. This category is not intended for posts about traveling (as we already have a Travel category), but for posts about how we get around. I suppose if you wrote a post about your horrific experience riding in a plane, wherein you were attacked by poisonous snakes, this would probably fit in “Means of Transit.”

For “Books/Movies,” I chose to combine the two subjects because we don’t seem to talk about books or movies very much. However, it seemed like we mentioned both enough to warrant their own category. Well, actually, we only mention movies enough to warrant its own category. But leaving books out felt like blaspheme to me. Music already has its own category, so we can’t forget about the precious booksssses.

So, now for a word about categories and why the are awesome. Simply put, by setting your post into a certain category (or a number of categories), it makes it easier for to peruse the archives of this blog. There are times when the search bar found on the right side is simply not usable. Case in point: If I remember someone recommended a movie in a post four months back, but I don’t remember who recommended it or what the movie was, all I have to do is click on the “Books/Movies” category and limit the number of posts I have to read through from 200 down to 5. Easy, no?

One last thing: When using categories, don’t forget to un-check the “Uncategorized” check-box down at the very bottom of the list. That way, only entries that truly are “uncategorized” will appear in that archive.

Categories are your friend.

Koolaid Man: “Oh Yeah!”

February 11th, 2006 by

Mason noticed that the secret posts just weren’t secret enough. So I made them even secretter. Comments are now hidden along with the post. But you still get to see who posted them and when, just like the posts.

And in even more biggar news. Stephanie has an account on Hopefully she will be posting momentarily…

I can already tell this website is going to take over the world.

Hooray! It’s new feature time!

February 9th, 2006 by

In light of recent happenings on, it seemed that there was a need for some family-only functionality. So now whenever you add the “Secret” category to your post, it will only be visible once you have logged in. This also means that the only people who can ever access the post are going to be Amicks+Mindy.

Therefore, the next time Mom wants to post Grandma Susan’s phone/address/email, she can give it the category called “Secret” and ne’er-do-wells will be none the wiser.

And the next time Mason wants to post his take-home exam before it is due, he can use category: “Secret”, and his professor will not accuse him of colluding with cheaters.

Please note that the title, person who is posting, and date are all still visible to anyone, regardless of being logged in or out. So don’t title your post: “MY PASSWORD IS 12345″, or the “Secret” category will not have done much good.


February 2nd, 2006 by

Hummer – Lobster

Originally uploaded by Bernie32.

This is what happens when you follow my directions on posting other people’s photos from Flickr. Nifty, huh?

The downside is that Flickr puts in some ugly text outside of what I’ve written. You might also want to go into WordPress and edit some stuff (such as categories). I left the extra text Flickr crams into the post to show you, but I think it’s ethically okay if you delete it from your posts. The important thing, to me, is that the original picture is not sucking someone’s personal bandwidth, and that the picture also links to their account (which is kind of like a source credit).