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it’s been a while…!

September 4th, 2006 by

hi amicks! it’s been a long time since i’ve posted, but i figured since i am part of this blog i should give an update. right now i’m staying at mason’s apartment (THANK YOU MASON!) since i’ve been homeless since Aug. 31st, but I have to work through the 6th.

after that i’m going home where i’m working and saving money to go to melbourne, australia on a 4 month work visa. this should be good times, since i get two summers with a few months of fall in between. (i’ll be going to melbourne in november, right at the start of australia’s summer.)

i hope you all are doing well, and here’s a little piece of writing i did… i don’t know how to cut it, or else i would.. : )

to all ye “ex” nerds.
there are many people who used to be the nerds, the losers, and the downtrodden of highschool. a lot of these people find shelter in seattle, where they can suddenly gain hipster status for their lack of muscle and love of math, books, and pretentious art.

suddenly, they are percieved of as popular, or “hip,” and use this status to immediately pass judgement upon the real nerds and losers, the ones who have remained true to their heritage and kept a firm grip on the lowest rungs of superficial society.

what you must remember before you so eagerly point fingers and make fun is that the ones who remain “losers” in your mind are in actuality, winners. everybody knows that, in the end, it is the poorly dressed and socially awkward that will make a shit ton of money and rule the world.

so, be kind to your fellow nerds. this is a call to battle your inward nerdphobia and be more accepting of what you are instead of hiding behind a “hipster” front.

i say this with love,

Stephanie ♥

rawr zombies!

May 13th, 2006 by

I recommend everyone invest in
this game.


guaranteed good times for all!



April 25th, 2006 by

I have an interview at the Woodland Park Zoo tomorrow. Wish me luck! Hopefully it goes better than my SIFF interview, which took place in a scary concrete art space/interrogation room. Agh.

In other news, I finally saw V for Vendetta, and I liked it. Yay! And apparently the scariest movie anyone could think of at Scarecrow Video was this french movie called “High Tension,” which has a strange twist ending that my roommate and I guessed within the first 5 minutes. This movie was not scary. Does anyone know of any movies that actually are scary? I’d like to watch one, but I guess not much scares me, bwahahaha. (oh, except for the SIFF interrogation room)

Hope y’all have been doing well!


here’s a great way to recycle a power mac G4 cube

February 27th, 2006 by



February 27th, 2006 by

I know you guys don’t exactly love Windows XP, but does anyone have any suggestions for an XP compatable web browser I can use that’s not firefox and not internet explorer? It appears firefox has chosen to quit working on me, and internet explorer…well we all know about internet explorer.

Thanks guys!


my financial situation

February 21st, 2006 by

so, my financial situation has gone through some interesting ups and downs this past week. on the up, i got a second, side job, which i will explain in the following paragraph. posing a serious drain on my finances is the fact that 3 checks which i wrote for rent/utilities, etc. got lost in the mail, and for some reason i didn’t realize that they hadn’t been cashed. this led me to uh, overspend. also, my meany pants bank charged me 30 dollars PER check just to get them all stopped. this has made me learn the important lesson of always trying to combine things onto one check. so that’s the end of that.

anyways, with the good news, this past wednesday i was hanging out with my friend josh at my house, practically falling asleep from boredom and exhaustion. josh is this crazy hippie dude who likes to go backpacking alone in death valley, and he’s also been a techie for the cher/village people show. basically he’s always full of really strange and entertaining stories. well, wednesday, he happened to be working as a techie for the same company that gave him the cher gig, only this time he was working at the aerosmith/lenny kravitz show at the tacoma dome. it turns out his boss said he could bring a friend. soooo…even though i was totally dead and dying, i ended up spending my wednesday night watching the entire aerosmith show from about 75 feet backstage, taking down the whole stage afterward and packing it into 9 semi trucks, pushing Joe Perry’s box of guitars around while praying i don’t like, drop them, and making friends with a whole lot of middle aged bearded roadie type people. For all this- working from 10pm until 3 in the morning- i earned about 47.50 dollars, a free t-shirt, and a new job. It was a pretty sweet random experience, I must say.

Anyways, hope you all are having a good week!



February 14th, 2006 by

oh i kind of assaulted the picture section with fun pictures of all the crazy children and animals in my life. sorry haha.


February 13th, 2006 by

Did anyone in Seattle see the lightning tonight? It was very scary and it looked like someone was taking flash photography in the sky. Anyways, I am very thrilled and honored to now be an official cog in the world-dominating machine known as I hope my posts can be somewhat entertaining!

In news at my house (which is pretty much my life so there won’t be much other news,) my roommate got a dog. He’s a black lab/collie mix named Gunnar, and he’s adorable, even though he seems to have this astounding capability of pooping all over the kitchen, peeing in the hallway, and vomiting in the living room all within the span of maybe 15 minutes. He likes to amaze us with his bodily functions daily like this. He also is a great dog to walk around Greenlake and score dates, if anyone wants to borrow him…he’s 13 weeks old and is a major cutie.

I also got a job as a swim instructor with Safe N’ Sound swimming, and I am fully expecting certain subscribers to this website (ahem…) to give me some teaching tips!

Hope you guys are all had a great start to your week!